• Tapes Meets Nikolaienko - Sunda School II

Tapes Meets Nikolaienko - Sunda School II

Porridge Bullet

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More crucial niceness from Tapes, this time alongside Nikolaienko on the buttons, and served up via Porridge Bullet on a nifty four track 7" -
pure bang for your buck.

'As PB headmaster Ajukaja before them for the first chapter of “Sunda School”, Tapes & Nikolaienko get comfortable behind an organ. These two manage to sneak along some shit of their own though – a bag of sharp rocks to cut perfect tape loops & round ones to play the keys with.

The four vignettes on this 7” paint a picture both blissful & threatening. Take “Countryside Emergency” with its loosely galloping rhythm-loop & alarming arpeggiated keys. All this might end with someone getting thrown into a fire. If it wasn't for “Jaaksoni Tamm” to smooth the situation with an inviting dreamy atmosphere. Bright & fluttery. Might be a trap though.

Dub informed free flowing goods, as you'd expect from sonic explorer Jackson Bailey & the boss of beautiful Muscut label Dmytro Nikolaienko.'

 Great 7" full-up of all that good ferric wooze...  

Rush To Closing Gates

Countryside Emergency

Time With Burnt

Jaaksoni Tamm