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Tapes Meets The Drums Of Wareika Hill Sounds

Honest Jon's

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From Wareika Hill to Ladbroke Grove...

This is a good combination.
We're already big fans of the mystical rhythms that Wareika Hill Sounds provide, and we've been very keen listeners of Jackson 'Tapes' Bailey's stuff for some years now... We wouldn't have imagined this set-up to appear on vinyl, but Honest Jon's done did it, and now that we have it here in front of us - it makes a lot of sense.

This must have been a project that Tapes would've approached with a fair bit of thought and apprehension - Wareika Hill Sounds are musically very accomplished and their sound is probably not something you want to treat without (right amounts of) respect & care.

Bringing the ever-able Diggory Kenrick on board for his tasteful addition to the palette with the ever-so psychadelic & wild, yet fully rooted flute playing was a good move. You could say this record is more of a variation or a version than just a token remix... The raw, full-on percussion of Wareika Hill remain at the forefront - the subtle, yet highly effective electronics (and nicely booming drum song bassline) by Tapes remain integral to the track as a whole - not detracting from the power of the original recipe - in fact, if anything we'd say this has extra soundsystem capabilities now... All the while, it remains spiritually still in high spirits.

And then of course there's the flipside, the version...
This is where things get really rough, with the tape-delay chewing up a whole load of drum sound and firing it back out of the amplifier... Proper dubwise nyabinghi rhythm workouts.

Real nice.

Datura Mystic ft. Diggory Kenrick