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Tapes - No Broken Hearts On This Factory Floor

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Crucial collection from the one like Tapes, via Japan's versatile 'Em Records' -

We've been keen followers of the elusive riddim builder, cassette-deck abuser and reel-to-reel gunman Jackson 'Tapes' Bailey, ever since we clocked his first issues via the foundation building Jahtari imprint a good handful of years ago.

His etiquette is certainly unique, and although it maintains traditions and methods that are perhaps 'out of date' - it's  this exact pose that makes his music stand out from the countless reproductions of Jammy's classic's and Casiotone adaptations.
This, and a knack for stand-alone sonic and keen ear for the otherwordly aura of early Radiophonic material along with a wide range of musics from across the spectrum of time and place.

Tapes creates a highly potent dose of digital dancehall, certainly inspired by rhythm driven bogle of 80's kingston, but laced with a deadly dose of up-to-date abuse of ferric material and analogue equipment such as the reel-to-reel recorder, tape-delay and Oberheimer drum patches which help tracks such as 'Ticker Tape'  'Good Thing You Came Along' (based on Tinga Stewart's 'Dry Your Tears' Jammy's production) shimmer so effortlessly in all their lo-fi glory.

This 2LP is a collection of his finest output to date along with a few unreleased tracks, some of which has appeared previously on labels such as Jahtari, Astro:Dynamics (that excellent 'Oberheimer' cut!) and Tapes' own (now out of press) Selah Wadadda imprint.

It's all pressed up on nice 180gsm heavyweight wax and pressed at 45rpm, so essentially it's like a compact selection of 7" / 45s full of goodness.

Comes loaded with insert (both in Japanese and English) containing words and pictures.
Sleeve looks dope too... Pink & Grey is a strong combination.

Don't think, just do it.


1 Helix Dub
2 Skankless Tascam
3 Dubbing in Bed
4 Gun Dance
5 Gold Love Riddim
6 Old Pan Sound
7 Brain Hunger Riddim (Digi Mix)
8 Atomica Riddim
9 Skanking to Riddim
10 Phyzikal Dub
11 Pipe Cleaner / This Weeds Making Me Nervous (Disco Mix)
12 Freak Riddim
13 Ticker Tape
14 Good Thing You Came Along
15 Oberheimer
16 Tape V

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