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Tapes - Silence Please

Good Morning Tapes

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Vinyl reissue of this gem from Tapes, originally out on cassette a few moons ago via Good Morning Tapes - this one went in a flash (understandably) but is thankfully repressed again here for those who still need to fill that inevitable gap >>

The first cassette from Tapes in 10 years!
Worth the wait, no doubt.
Having taken many turns and twists since the early days on Jahtari, stretching legs and flexxing in ravier settings with Lukid as Rezzett, touring with Superstar & Star, unearthing lost off-side digital dancehall gems, etc etc… Tapes now comes through with a 30ish minute session for Good Morning Tapes.
Informed by rare imported asian drone & drum machines, shangaan-esque polyrhythms, Tapes’s dancehall-indebted bogle, the rhythmic freshness and a sense for harmonic niceness, the whole thing sounds very vibey first and foremost… Creatively enhanced by hours spent on the likes of final fantasy, and time spent reflecting with the head in the speaker box… surely?

It’s a big listen, all feels very alive and kicking… Especially sweet and nice on the ears for the first half, but not in a boring-ambient kinda way – it’s a melody-driven affair full of sonic interest.
As we get closer to Side 2, there’s some meditative screwface and gunfinger stylin’ going on too, the overdriven spiritual drones are a great example.
Fill up with your favourite cuppa and let this one soak over you.

Served in a very very nice design, translated nicely to the vinyl format here too -
lovely stuff.

1. Silence Please pt 1 05:27
2. Silence Please pt 2 04:25
3. Silence Please pt 3 04:29
4. Raagini Ni 07:20

Side A Clip

Side A Clip 2

Side B Clip

Side B Clip 2