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Tapes - Summer Jam c/w Salavere

EM Records

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<< bumping this back up, because it's nice >>

Jackson 'Tapes' Bailey on the buttons once more, coming with a rather pleasant surprise, perfect upliftment, for Japan's EM Records -

Yesss Tapes -
Always nice to see when an artist is not afraid to be honest with it, take risks or just simply come forward with something that is clearly heartfelt.
This 10", aptly titled 'Summer Jam', showcases Tapes at his most musically accomplished (maybe!), or at least at his most expressive and hands-on.
Trademark vintage sound palettes are played, live & direct on the synthesizer, ebbing out in an ever-evolving, ever-uplifting jam that will put a smile on your face - go on, try not to!!! - and put a groove in your hip at the same time... Just let it play, and let those melodies step up & down that ladder, before we let the drum and bass take control for a bit of a discomix edit as we enter the final section of this piece of medicine.
Don't be grinch, just give this a try - trust us, it's great.

Flipside, Tapes goes a little deeper and more mysterious with the killer 'Salavere'.
A bit of Mail-Coif inspired middle age / early computer game aesthetic can be found in here too, and this one should please fans of his 'Hissing Theatricals' era Tapes 'sound' as well as those who are riding the newer wave of his production work.

Killer stuff, refreshingly 'full of music', and quite perfect for a time like this, to be honest.

(Excuse the higher price... It's an import record.)

Summer Jam