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Tappa Zukie - In Dub

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One of the greatest...

Tappa Zukie is a name that all listeners of Jamaican music should have heard, in fact it's a name that should be treasured equally amongst the the best, after all he was for a long time during the 70s Bunny Lee's right hand man, soon to become a righteous force as an artist that stands out amongst the rest... Both as a deejay and an engineer.

The cuts on this LP were made soon after he had released his first single 'Judge I Lord' and 'Jah Is I Guiding Star' - during many of the late night sessions that Tappa used to share with Bunny Lee in his studio... At first to be his guard (he was said to have great respect amongst the youths in the ghetto) but also as a creative counterpart to Bunny Lee's doings.

Across the 12 rhythms on this LP, 8 of which come directly from Bunny, one by Ossie Hibbert and another by Jo Jo Hookim (The famous M.P.L.A. rhythm) - we find some truly outstanding dub versions of some of the most crucial cuts of 70's jamaican roots... The golden period of reggae.

The vocal cuts to this dub LP can be found on Tappa Zukie's 'M.P.L.A.' - but this disc here is graced with the versions, featuring the playing skills of greats such as Sly & Robbie, Santa, Tony Chin, Skully, Sky Juice, Vin Gordon, Bobby Ellis, Deadly Headly and more... All dubbed by Tappa himself - to serious effect - these must be some of the most drenched, crushing, righteous roots vibrations we've come across.
There is never a second when the dread vibe doesn't cut through the rhythm, wether it's the voice shot through the tape-echo or the hi-hat squeezed through the hi-pass filter, making way for the hornsline and guitar to shimmer through the mist of dubwise, there's a real feeling of elevation throughout this disc... This is were the term 'upliftment' in reggae music really comes to play.

This is of course a tough call, but this may be our favourite set of dubs to come out of Jamaica, ever.
... yep, you heard right.

Side One:
1: Tappa Zukie - In Dub
2: Pick Up The Dub
3: Dub M.P.L.A.
4: Beautiful Dub
5: Prophecy Dub
6: Falling Dub
Side Two:
1:Rush I Some Dub
2:Cool This Dub
3: Jah Jah Dub
4: Judgement Dub
5: Loving Dub
6: Rub This Dub

Tappa Zukie - In Dub / Pick Up The Dub

Dub M.P.L.A. / Beautiful Dub

Rush I Some Dub / Cool This Dub

Jah Jah Dub / Judgement Dub