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Tara Clerkin Trio - In Spring

World Of Echo

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Following up their brilliant debut LP from early last year, here comes a very welcome addition of music on wax from Bristol's very own Tara Clerkin Trio, served up via London's World Of Echo -

Clocking in at 23mins run time, across four sweet, sombre and lightheaded tracks, the Tara Clerkin Trio continue their search for a weirder, nicer world that exists somewhere in our heads, fuelled by sound, voice and rhythm.

Warped piano hooks, sleep-time clarinet, woozy organ and re-sampled melodics do the slow dance with poignant interjections of voice, in a tangle of out-there arrangements that swerve easy categorisation but sit somewhere between sweet ambience, outsider pop, and fourth world vibes - There's a confidence to the music, even at its most brittle - touching on jazz and spaced out dubwise experimentation, 'In Spring' culminates perfectly, simmering in a slowly stirred pot where restraint is still the key - not too much, not too little... But mostly, what makes it such great listening, and real mood-enhancer, is that, even at its most subtle and subdued, the tracks always maintain a certain melody and song, yet they're still comfortable entering weirder, dark blue zones for introspective listening, window-gazing and heart-wrenching alike.

Wonderfull stuff, highly tipped for the home hifi.

Printed Sleeve,
Artwork & design by Tara Clerkin Trio & Matthew Walkerdine.

Side 1
1. Done Before
2. Night Steps
Side 2
1. Memory
2. In Spring

Done Before

Night Steps


In Spring