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Tarcar - Mince Glace

Blackest Ever Black

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Blackest Ever Black are full of surprises, they might be the most esoteric label around at the moment. From Techno to Industrial to Post-Punk they move with a guile not often found in a record label.

Their latest release is a six track EP “Mince Glace” from Tarcar, a group comprised of Carla dal Forno and Tarquin Manek who take the listener for an unsettling ride through a nightmare subconscious and it is just as enigmatic as you would expect.

A battered Dub pallette is used to push you through foggy streets and claustrophobic alleyways, giving few hints as to what is lurking in the darkness as obscured forms present themselves only to recede back into the hazy fold. Brief moments of respite are given in the form of a beautiful female vocal singing arcane lullabies, serving to contrast the psychedelic mist you are otherwise swathed in.

“Mince Glace” proceeds like the soundtrack to a supernatural Film Noir feature with the cigarettes and whiskey replaced with spliffs and tramadol and the faceless hoodlums replaced with vaporous phantoms.

This one’s a trip!


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