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Tarotplane - Horizontology (12th Isle LP)

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Tarotplane lands on 12th Isle!

Glasgow's 12th Isle label extends its radar to manifest the aural waves sent over by Tarotplane from out of Baltimore, having taken off via Lullabies For Insomniacs and Aguirre Records in recent years.
This 8 track drifter into warbled echo melodics and synth pieces, nicely titled 'Horizontology' hovers just above ground like some kind of ether, reminiscent of the kind of deep, warm psychedelic focus of early Chi Factory, Unearth Noise, or maybe even an extra-stoned AFX on 26 Mixes For Cash.
Woozy, hazy ambient soundscapes and slowly arpeggiating synth scenarios are the order of the day here, across 4 versatile, yet steady-in-focus tracks, and then one final 18min / four track piece on the flipside - by the time we enter this zone, it almost feels like the tracks leading up to this where the gentle walk in the park before we enter that ominously glowing cathedral hidden behind those trees - this one's got all the mystery, this one's for the lucid dreamers and eye-lid gazers out there - well nice.

Special shouts to the Shatner's Bassoon shout out too, big up C. Morris.

Killer artwork, as always - printed sleeve, with sticker.

1. Shatner's Bassoon
2. Panther Walk
3. Ritual Believer
4. Ceramic Heartbreak
5. Light Under Water //
6. The Rescheduled Dream Delivery Service //
7. Malaysian Forest //
8. A Tiny Coven //

Shatner's Bassoon

Panther Walk

Ritual Believer

Ceramic Heartbreak