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TCF - 415C47197F78E


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Achingly beautiful neo-classical-techno constructions from TCF on the impeccably curated Mute Sub label - Liberation Technologies.

We don’t know that much about TCF other than he is a Norwegian fine artist with several releases under his belt on YYAA and a remix on Astro:Dynamics.

A look through his visual artwork over on his portfolio site (http://www.larsholdhus.com/) offers a glimpse into his highly complex world of codes, encryption and juxtapositions used as a basis for this 7 track album. ‘415C47197F78E8’ is a complex affair, a hyper-realist maze of sound design that packs an incredibly emotional punch at points threatening to tear your speaker cones to shreds, then falling away into a whirlwind of trancelike arpeggios. This is epic and challenging listening, infinitely rewarding and vital.

Immediately calling to mind the collaborative works of Sleeparchive and Antti Rannisto and Mika Vainio. Fans of Modern Classical works and the likes of the Subtext crew and Raster-Noton - this is a must.