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Tenor Saw Meets Nitty Gritty - With Lots Of Sign LP

Black Roots

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Tenor Saw meets Nitty Gritty on the Black Roots imprint back in the excellent era of 1994, armed to the teeth with killer riddims & vocals!

Can't really beat this combination when it comes to later incarnations of Kingston's dancehall microphone technique. Few did it with such conviction, playfulness and incomparably masterful style and fashion.

From tunes such as 'Original Pumpkin Belly'  'Problem' and of course the unmistakeable 'Lost Of Sign' this compilation is ram-jammed with hits and lesser known hard-hitters, each of them well worth each minute on your turntable.



A1 –Tenor Saw - Got To Obey
A2 –Nitty Gritty -  If I Had A Hammer
A3 –Tenor Saw - Original Pumpkin Belly
A4 –Nitty Gritty - Pansy
A5 –Tenor Saw - Lots Of Sign
A6 –Nitty Gritty - Bad Company
B1 –Nitty Gritty - How You A Go Cross
B2 –Tenor Saw - African Children
B3 –Nitty Gritty - Problem
B4 –Tenor Saw - Hard Road
B5 –Nitty Gritty - Long Run Short Ketch
B6 –Tenor Saw - Proud And Brave

Tenor Saw - Original Pumpkin Belly

Tenor Saw - Lots Of Sign

Nitty Gritty - Pansy

Nitty Gritty - Problem