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Tera Octe - + (PRR! PRR! LP)


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New Tera Octe M-U-A-D-N-E-S-S in ++Plus++ vinyl package with all the extras needed for maximum enjoyment and fun.

If you like the twisted orkizms of Dj David Goblin & The Horde on Prr! Prr!, or if you don't deny yourself the pleasure of turning up the dial on some naughty chart history via youtube every now and then after a few drinks (or stone cold sober, we won't judge..) - or if you simply like your reggaeton and dancehall dembow extra high on emotions, drenched in serotonin - then we think you might just enjoy this one.

And if you say you don't fit into the above category... To be honest, you're probably just keeping dirty secrets, perhaps even from yourself!

Put away your po-face, and pull up your socks -
the vibes engine is revvin' into 5th gear with this record, and you better be ridin' with us. Turn up that smile. Dusselcore galore.

Printed Cover (vibrant colors)
Colored Vinyl (beige)
Inner sleeve without hole (black)
Ultra Solid Shrinkwrap
Limited quants (300 ex.)

Designed by Coquelin & Cloarec
Tera Octe© logo by Coquelin & Cloarec

Mastered by legendary Arjan Rietvink
(Qlimax, Armin Van Buuren, Headhunterz)

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1. Sandglass 01:09
2. Move Ya Body 02:54
3. Bellamy 03:54
4. Knights Of Dusselcore 04:18
5. Fame 04:40
6. Un1ted 03:43
7. The Edge 04:24
8. Bulletproof 05:03
9. Lento Manifesto 04:09


Move Ya Body


The Edge