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White label, 100 copy, 7" styles via Max Graef / Employee (remember that Plaque tape?!) and crew -

This nifty 7" single collates three tracks from their recent (digi only, it seems) long player and features Josa Peit on vocals (some of you may have clocked her working as part of Holly Herndon's live outfit and on recent album).
Nauker, of Jacktone fame, is on synths & effects.
+ Glenn Astro, who runs the Termina label with Employee, on additional production.

Astral travelling funk-dub experiments - if you're into the likes of Don Papa, Dam Funk, Andy Mac, Employee, Funkadelics, Tapes, a bit of 80's Digital Dancehall, a bit of Skwee... Then you'll dig this.

All three tunes are pretty big in their own ways we'd say. Real nice and sounding extra lush on vinyl.
Don't sleep on this little 7" if the sounds appeal to you, because this disc might be a rare thing soon.

P.S.: this not to be confused with Phil Pratt's Jamaican 'Terminal' label btw... This is Termina from out of Berlin 2020.... But we wouldn't be suprised if there's some cross referencing going on here anyway, or some kind of label centre art inspiration / nod at the very least.

Edition of 100, and we got a few of 'em here.
hand-stamped, white label 7".


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