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Tetrad - Awaken Dub / Turn 1

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ZamZam return once again with their now-standard double drop, this time giving Tetrad aka Cheyne Taylor Bush his first vinyl release, and what an induction this is; a powerful steppers tune on the A backed with a gut-punching dubstep B side that somewhat steals the show, in our opinion.

“Awaken Dub” is a 140 power stepper driven by a shimmering melodica figure, delicate guitar plucks, insistent photon torpedo snares and pure 4/4 bass and kick forward motion. “Awaken Dub” was inspired by Tetrad’s “return to dub-inspired music” after an absence, and the personal awakenings this return brought him.

“Turn 1” is among the best ‘proper’ dubstep plates we’ve heard in ages, that perfect combination of eyes-down deep hypnosis for the mind and massive body-blow to the corporeal form. All about movement, “Turn 1” is among a set of tunes that got their start on the bus and train, inspired by the “bustling motion and feel” of urban transport. From the rocking, lurching drums to the deceptively simple single-note bassline that won’t let go, sweeping you away like a wobbling lava flow, to the reverb-soaked voice that is “Turn 1"s calling card, this one will focus the dancefloor as few tunes can do.
Mastered and cut by the one Lewis at Star Delta Mastering in Devon."

Limited to 700 7" vinyl copies for the world. Design & screen print by Polygon Press.

No repress, no digital.

Awaken Dub

Turn 1