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The Boofy EP - Bandulu006


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Boofy coming with that long-awaited full Bandulu 12" -

Most of you probably don't need an introduction to Kahn & Neek's Bandulu imprint, and most of you will probably be familiar with Boofy's name by now, he's a regular affiliate of the crew, shutting down clubs and cutting heavyweight dubs since around 2012.

We went to the instore at Idle Hands a few days ago, it was a roadblock session with Boofy, Hi5Ghost, Kahn, Neek all inside the place running dubplate, after dubplate, after dubplate on the 1210's live n direct in the record shop whilst the 12" was selling like hot cakes over the counter.
Those of you who have watched these guys behind the turntables probably know this already, but in case you didn't know, they are flying the flag for true dubplate culture in Bristol, possibly worldwide.

So, now that these four dangerous dubplate cuts have been unleashed, and served up once again in an impeccable DIY manner, printed up and designed by Joshua Hughes-Games just around the corner from here, at Jacknife Studios...
It's Gas Mark 10.

We have the upfront online exclusive of this special screenprinted first edition of 500.

If you're reading this and they have already sold out, get down to Bristol's Idle Hands now for copies over the counter, or give Hard Wax (Berlin) or Disc Shop Zero (Tokyo) a try - they will have a few copies next week.

Limited to 500, vinyl-only.
Designed, hand-numbered and screenprinted by Joshua Hughes-Games.
Mastered and cut by Lewis at Stardelta.

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