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The Bots - I'm Gay (CASSETTE)


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>>Red cassette housed in a sh*t ticket roll<<

About a year (or two?) ago we saw a few of these peculiar 8” dubplates floating around FuckPunk HQ, wondering when they might actually see the light of day.

Over the various months there have been intermittent reports of friends getting their hands on these, Discogs even has this is listed as a Record Store Day release, but that’s not true.

DJ Ape & DJ Oa$is are simply quite all over the place when it comes to running their label, but I guess that’s fine.

So now, finally you can truly get your hands on this grubby 8” release, or perhaps one of the cassettes packaged in recycled loo roll tubes.

The tracks are by far the most ‘punk’ on the label yet, this is proper ‘I Don’t Give A Fuck’ bedroom punk material, nothing more, nothing less.

The title track ‘I’m Gay’ is about as punk as it gets, it’s a massive ‘Fuck You’ to all homophobes and conservatives, like a righteous poke in the eye for all stiff and stale mindsets out there…

And considering that this track was recorded in 1983, it’s (sadly) still a relevant jab, 30 something years later, in a society where we find it hard to accept each others differences and just get on with it.

But most of all, it’s a good bit of fun, and that’s Punk in itself.

Bolstered alongside, we find the excellently titled ’Half Inch’, ‘Shit Dixon’ and ’Who Gives A Fuck’ - drums all over the place, vocals recorded straight into the sanyo tape player, you know the drill, teenage punk styles putting over-deliberation to shame with quick furious lashes of joyful noise.

Pay your respects to The Bots, and support this latest FuckPunk outing -

There are about 30 of these dubplates left here, and there are a handful of cassettes to go ‘round too.

I'm Gay

Shit Dixon