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The Bristol Germ - Chapter 2


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<< Chapter 2 is back in stock for those who missed this fine thing! >>

Second and much needed issue of The Bristol Germ - a vital new publication creeping out of, and documenting, new movements in the Bristol underground.

If you copped the first issue (there's some left here if you missed it) you'll know just how good it is, combining quality writing with bespoke illustration and photography to make a magazine that you'll want to keep around for years to come.

In this chapter they have interviews with the likes of EBU, Timedance, John Bence, Bad Tracking, Matt Loveridge aka MXLX, The Naturals & a load more. Needless to say, we're big fans and we think you'll dig it too.

Each one is hand numbered and sealed in a poly bag to keep it extra fresh.

68 pages of goodness for the price of two coffees…