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THE BRISTOL GERM - Chapter I (The Noble Crusade Begins!)


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Straight outta Bristol, a brand new zine exploring the flowers and the undergrowth of the underground -

We're chuffed to have our hands on some copies of this fine venture, this physical manifestation of a viewpoint into what's really going on in Bristol's small, yet fertile music scene.
Refreshingly, this magazine comes from an angle that is perhaps more anchored in the live circuits of Bristol, but is finding itself spilling over into more electronic scenes too, healthily, via forces such as the Howling Owl label, the vast crew that circulate around the Young Echo Sound events, and acts such as Silver Waves and Giant Swan, who are all featured in this magazine, along with coverage of outfits such as post-punk behemoths IDLES, heavyweight-stoner doom/goth/punk band Jesuits, the notorious Spectres, and many more.

Also, anyone who has been to any noteworthy gig in Bristol will have met the man Big Jeff, himself a bit of a cult figure these days. He's in there too, so if you ain't from Bristol, then you can feel like it a bit, while you turn these pages.

Buy this zine and support the people keeping it real, bypassing the onslaught of online media in favour of hard labour, documenting our art & culture for the ages, with ink & paper.

Your grandkids won't understand it, but that's why you're here to explain it to them.

'The Bristol Germ - Episode 1 - The Noble Crusade Begins!'

52 page
Full colour
Perfect bound
Comes in poly sleeve outer