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Ninja Tune

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The Bug bites again -

There's been a lot of news from Kevin Martin in recent months, his long-awaited follow up to 'London Zoo' is finally imminent, it comes in the shape of  'Angels & Devils' and is almost ready to surface in it's physical form (pressing issue- hold ups).

As some of you may have heard, Ninja Tune state that Angels & Devils is a refined selection taken from over 160 different demos and versions... As they say themselves, it's not an easy task to form a cohesive album out of this amount of music, but Ninja Tune are a succesful label for a reason - rest assured that the outcome is great.

Of course, with this in mind, this double disc presentation of extended versions and lone cuts makes complete sense - the quality of music certainly doesn't feel compromised, and the presentation of the vinyl is impeccable.

From the psychedelic pressure of the collaborative 'Void' and it's Version, through to the hard-knox force that comes with 'Blaow' alongside Daddy Freddy -

This two disc collection, rides the Angels & Devils contrast theme and serves as a valid companion to the full album, whilst making a fine plate for the DJ's and selectors out there, in it's own right.

Our favourite has to be disc one, with the highly intoxicating, shape-shifting 'Void' and the dubwise choirs of 'Black Wasp' featuring Grouper's 'Liz Harris' - but the counterpart disc with Manga and Daddy Freddy is pretty ferocious too, sure to cause a bit of trouble in the dance!

Dubwise, rough, tough and dangerous.
Each 12" comes pressed loud and clear, at 45rpm.
Packaged in a reversed board printed gatefold sleeve, with sexy red, paper inner sleeves.

Void ft. Grouper / Void Version

Black Wasp ft. Grouper / Version

Function Ft.Manga

Blaow ft. Daddy Freddy