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The Bug ft. Burro Banton - Zim Zim Zim

Ninja Tune

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Ruff & Rugged combination, from Kingston to LDN... Zim Zim Zim! -

Heavyweight business from the legendary Burro Banton outta Kingston, alongside soundsystem obliterator 'The Bug'.

Burro touches mic in badmind style and fashion, pure slackness, but as he chats away sending death treats, the already mean, slowly searing instrumental gets injected with added fear & danger...

There's a heavy-footed sound to The Bug's production, with stomping kicks and drum machine snares & toms clapping off through a burning mist of synthline and reverb, anchored with a constant push of low-frequency.

This is intense in it's directness, a stripped back combination of elements, yet it feels full in it's scope, and even more punishing for it. Vocal cut, follwed by instrumental version cut.
Soundboys... Watch out.

Blood red disc, single-sided.
Etching on the flip.
Served in printed sleeve, and printed inner sleeve.

Burron Banton - Zim Zim Zim

The Bug - Zim Zim Zim Version