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The Bugger - Bugger Tape

Avon Terror Corps

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Deep from the depths of the ATC contingent, the Bugger arises for a spout of slack chamber noise and other holistic raucous.

Time to dust off that packet of crisps from our bellies, put the remote to one side for a sec, put the TV on mute maybe, haul ourselves over to the tape deck and try our best to turn up the volume dial - wait - don't fall back into the sofa - stay where you are, stood in front of that dimly lit hi fi with whatever it is we've been wearing for the last few days of this grey, time churning lockdown period.
Let's stand there for a bit while The Bugger adjusts our inner safezone dials for us, right through our earholes, into our malnourished brains, for a bit of sonically revealing brain peeling from a place far away.
Or is he in our basement? These serenades sound like they're coming from some dank chamber three floors below (aka our basement?!?) via shattered amplifiers with microphones glued to them, electric guitars strummed into hell and back, through crusty distortion boxes and cable-wired echo chambers at the back of that cobbled hallway, while the residual embers of last's night's King Sq fire smoke away softly in the distance, adding extra depth to the taste of the humid, fuel-filled air in the surrounding regions, the air that creeps underneath doorways such as this one, adding to the creative wash like an incense stick to your mood - romantic as fuck.

Time to embrace the body horror and accept our petty worths in this world, time to shit out our egos and just embrace the potentials of life and all the beautiful fuckery and failure that comes with it. And if you don't like it, Bugger off!

C24 Cassette + DL Code.
Artwork by ATC.
Edition of 100, hand dubbed in Bristol, by West Kennet Long Tapes.

1. N3BUL4R B1RTHR1GHT 01:14
2. 3Y3Z L1K3 4N 3NG1N3 05:22
3. CØLØN P 03:38
4. 4 1 & 4 2 02:27
5. C4R4M3L 02:28
6. 1 4M 4P3 03:04
7. 4 8UGG3R'5 L1F3 02:34
8. M3D1C! 02:29


4 1 & 4