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The Disciples - Part 2 - Addis Ababa

Jah Shaka Music

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Classic Shaka / Disciples material -

What we have here, is the third LP featuring The Disciples alongside Jah Shaka's executive production and guidance, released on the seminal Jah Shaka Music label.

Setting the foundations for UK dub and steppers style, 'Addis Ababa' was initially released in 1992, and it features cuts from the Disciples vaults that have become Shaka soundsystem staples, and still make a dance pop off 'til this day - the title track 'Addis Ababa', the mighty 'Soloman' and 'Bush Man' for example.

There is a definite pace, a calm and collected method to these tracks, with bright synth melodies searing over thunderous claps, snares and kick drums - with the bassline setting a strong foundation for the musical elements to deliver their effect in a true dub style and fashion - giving each element enough space to make it's impact - soundsystem style.

From the mighty Addis Ababa to the tough stepper styles of 'Forward To Zion' - this LP is a testament to the strength of the Disciples / Shaka connection that has remained crucial ever since it's beginnings in the 80's.

Adjust your hi-fi and play it loud.

Produced by Disciples.
Executive Production: Jah Shaka.

Side 1:
Open The Gate
Addis Ababa
African Herbman
Bush Man
Side 2:
Forward To Zion
Stepping Easy
Take Heed
New Morning
Nah War

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