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The Disciples / The Dub Factory ‎– Darkness / Free Mumia Abu-Jamal


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From the vaults, original press Disciples & Dub Factory from around 1999 -

We are glad to have got our hands on a box of this underground gem from the vaults of the DOJO imprint in Germany, heavyweight dubwise for all fans of 90's soundsystem music (count us in).

Top, we have two mixes of 'Darkness' by the Disciples, slowly searing, mystical heavy duty instrumentals.
Kicking off with a down-pitched drum break (listen to that lovely sample rate bitcrushing) and bursting right into a filtered synthline, ominous melodica and a bassline that scales the octave in a momentous way, raking it's way to the most resonant notes before getting flung back down by the phased snare workouts and sparse chords.
Our favourite cut on this record is the A2 - Things get even more crushingly dubwise on 'Darkness Mix 2', leaving only the most crucial parts of this track to bite and roar, utterly dubwise as we near the centre of the disc...

Flip it for a more upbeat, more politically charged but equally mystical number -
For 'Free Mumia Abu-Jamal' The Dub Factory grace the grooves alongside the warming vocals of Rita Pereira.
A real signifier of the times that this track was written in, the steppers drive of this rhythm accentuate that feeling of hardship and struggle, with the drum and bass bringing a place of reflection for the mind and recharge for the soul, whilst the following eastern instrumentation taking things to a place much further away.

Added structures await on the B2, with a Junglist refurb on the 'Dil De Doh (Mellow Mix).

Dub treasure!

Served on ultra-heavyweight 12", with a great die-cut sleeve and insert.

Disciples - Darkness Mix 1

Disciples - Darkness Mix 2

The Dub Factory ft. Rita Pereira - Free Mumia Abu-Jamal

The Dub Factory ft. Rita Pereira - Free Mumia Abu-Jamal (Dil De Doh Mellow Mix)