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The Disciples - Upliftment

Digital Traders Records

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Killer dubs from the Disciples, from the Boomshakalacka days -

Originally in circulation around the mid 90's, these two cuts have remained staple Disciples cuts to this day, still on heavy rotation and a good showcase of their fine-tuned feel for proper soundsystem music.

A major synth / hornsline guides the drum and bass on the A side, with the foundations rumbling beneath patiently... ready to be unleashed in their entirety on the flipside, the dub presents the bassline in full effect for the first half, with filtered low-end and echoed rhythm trails leading the way in hypnotic style and fashion until, about half way through, the drum pattern thunders back in just after a snippet of the initial melody makes a swift appearance....
Dubwise, no compromise!

UK soundsystem music at it's best, a great reissue.



Dub Organiser - Chim Cherie