• The Doudou Ndiaye Rose Family - Twenty-One Sabar

The Doudou Ndiaye Rose Family - Twenty-One Sabar

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Magnificent Wolof drum music, performed by an extended griot family over seven consecutive days, in the mystical setting of Lac Rose, outside Dakar.Doudou Ndiaye Rose — who died in 2015 —  is a key drummer in the musical history of the world. He developed a system of five hundred original drumming patterns, ancient and new. Amongst the modern rhythms here is Bench Mi — ‘under the Baobab tree,’ a spot where where problems get solved.  Also Hibar Yi — ‘passing on information’ — the theme-tune of Senegalese TV national news for decades — and Les Rosettes, the signature rhythm of Senegal’s first ever all-female percussion group, convened by Doudou, and named after his grandmother.These original compositions sit alongside important traditional rhythms, familiar to every Sabar player, such as Farwu Jar (a courtship game sometimes resulting in a wedding), Ceebu Jin (also the name of the national dish of fish and rice), and Gumbé, often played after a successful harvest.Recorded in joyful single takes, with no overdubs, mastered by Rashad Becker, the music is deep and thrilling, polyrhythmic to the bone, with a complex, pointillistic intensity at times evoking Jeff Mills in full flight.

01. Niary Ngorong02. Gumbè03. Kaolack04. Fass05. Farwu Jar06. Ardin Lent07. Ardin Rapide08. Ceebu Jen09. Baar Mbaye10. Mbabass11. Xibar12. Dey Sey13. Seut Yi14. Toco15. Yendulen16. Dalalba17. Les Rosettes18. Ndiouk19. Penthie Me20. Diakhay Malay21. Tagoo

Niary Ngorong




Farwu Jar

Farwu Jar