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The Drurian Brothers vs High Wolf - Split EP


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The Diskant label bosses Drurian Brothers join forces with producer High Wolf for two sides of odd, experimental pursuits.

High Wolf takes the helm on the A side - ARA13 is a miasma of distorted and pithced toms, tape delayed percussion and tropical melodies, while Theorem 86 takes things up to jungle speed. Tribal rhythms and hypnotic bleeps combine for an off-kilter but still mesmerising journey through new sonic territories.

The tempo remains high on the flip with Drurian Brothers' Mathemanique - dubbed out, unorthodox, perfect headphones music.

Final track Flustertute is our personal favourite - chopped-and-reversed vocal samples lay out the atmospherics as an insistent half time rhythm and tribal percussion keep things revved to the maximum. Wonderful stuff.

High Wolf - ARA13

High Wolf - Theorem 86

The Durian Brothers - Mathemanique

The Durian Brothers - Flustertute