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The Dub Organiser - The Herb / Herbal Dub

Fashion Records

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Fashion Records bossman Chris Lane on the buttons as The Dub Organiser, reviving a wicked, wicked heavyweight dubwise rhythm from 1997, pressed up on 7" in dub style for the 2021 massive

This one was originally out in 1997, as the instrumental for a Starkey Banton record -
his classic 'I & I Saw Them Coming'.
Still sounding wicked, this one is a great testament to that heavier side of drum & bass dubwise style of the late 90s in the UK.

Recorded in Fashion Records A Class Studio back then, and now it's available in instrumental version excursion style, on 7" -

big tip on this for all soundsystem heads and those who like their dub to go deeeep!

The Herb

Herbal Dub