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The Friend & Adult Supervison / Shady P - Godless Contemporary Meat Sacks Of Virtue

Heated Heads

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Sludged, limited vinyl business from Heated Heads -

Served up in a hand-printed sleeve, with different coloured D.I.Y. style a4 insert-art, the presentation of this record matches the music in terms of presentation and attitude.

This is no-bullshit industrial-strength techno with a punky edge, and enough queasiness to stack it next to your Cabaret Voltaire part of the record shelf... Something for the dank cellars and secret upper floors, something for a murky smoked out 5am session with the blinds keeping you in shade and the ashtray on overflow.

Heated Heads first 12" hits hard with a Detroit-school, take-no-prisoners transmission 'The Friend & Adult Supervision' on the topside with 'Behind The Circle K', backed up with Shady P's uncompromising urge of ‘Biased God’ and the toxic, fear inducing and somewhat hypnotizing ‘Puckerphobic’ (our favourite of the two!).

Proper underground music.

The Friend & Adult Supervison - Behind The Circle K (Useless)

Shady P - Biased God

Shady P - Puckerphobic