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The Haxan Cloak - 2LP

Aurora Borealis

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The Haxan Cloak debut album -

The first album from The Haxan Cloak, an album that will stand the test of time in his already impressive discography.

Giving this manifestation another lease of life, Aurora Borealis dish up Haxan's sonic's once again, in a new limited edition format, on marbled, blue 180gsm vinyl, in a gatefold sleeve.

Apparently recorded in a backyard shed using an array of microphones and stringed instruments, this self-titled LP treads a mysterious, pitch-black path.
The combination of 'rural' instrumentation and mode, together with the detailed arrangement and harnessing of modern technique place Haxan Cloak's work somewhere between the music of witchcraft and sorcery and and an estranged, psychoactive take on modern classical music.

Slowly searing and patiently oscillating tones form a meditative, yet extremely chilling concoxion of frequency... A very strong effort, a testament to The Haxan Cloak's individualism.

Limited edition of 400.
Pressed across two 180gsm, blue marbled vinyl.
Housed in a Gatefold Sleeve.

Disc 1:
1.Raven's Lament
2.An Archaic Device
3.Burning Torches Of Despair
Disc 2:
6.The Growing
7.In Memoriam
8.Parting Chant

An Achaic Device

The Fall

The Growing

Parting Chant