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The Immortal Eye - Compiled By Regis


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Downwards return with the The Immortal Eye, bringing together four affiliates for a split 12” of intriguing electronic goth treats.

Grebenstein and Seefried open the proceedings with the assured and compact cut ‘Wufferfraction’. Thick drums and raucous machine synths sit on top of delicate spoken word passages, reminiscent of the best in British post-punk experiments. It’s full of attitude and intensity, most definitely designed for loud listening.

Layne’s ‘Love’ follows next, with a much more gentle approach to the aesthetic. Gritty textures wash over haunting pads for a disconcerting, but drowsy atmosphere, while distant voodoo drums rumble.

‘Imposter Syndrome’ by Autumns (label owner Regis alongside KUBORAUM) opens with squealing hardware delay experiments, setting the tone for a chilling encounter. Deep spoken tones come into the fray, before tight drum machines complete the 9 minute trip.

The final track ‘Shortcut to X’ from DVA Damas leaves the atmospheres to one side and lets the drums do the talking for effective and sub-heavy jam. Snippets of vocals are unleashed sporadically, with the delays taking the centre stage. This one is the highlight for us. The Immortal Eye is a rare split 12” where each track serves offers something different, whilst still keeping the labels vision paramount, there’s something for everyone in here.

Grebenstein & Seefried - Wufferfraction

DVA Damas - Shortcut To X

Autumns - Imposter Syndrome

Layne - Love