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The Kossoy Sisters - Bowling Green


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Cassette reissue of beautifully sung American Folk recorded in 1956 by 17 year old identical twin sisters - The Kossoy Sisters.

Death Is Not The End once again proving themselves to be excellent archivists with this stunning reissue of "Bowling Green" an album of pure Country and Folk songs relaying the American experience. Tales of murder, poverty, hunger and desperation are juxtaposed with the innocence and optimism of the Kossoy sisters voices, as they utilise a technique called "close harmony" and pitch syncing (apparently mimicking their Mother and Aunt who used to sing together at home) to create an elegantly unified sound.

On tracks like "The Banks Of The Ohio" the sisters tell a tale of a brutal murder by a jealous, spurned lover of a young girl,  and never have the words "I drew a knife across her breast" sounded so innocent and sweet as the nonchalant harmonies of Irene and Ellen recount this dreadful tale. This is a real testament to the quality and enchanting power of their voices.

One of the standout tracks "I'll Fly Away" may sound familiar as it was used in the Coen Brothers film "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" and is one of the standouts on the soundtrack, leading to a resurgence in their popularity.

Limited to 100 copies this is a treasure for any collection.

Banks Of The Ohio

I'll Fly Away

Bowling Green

The Wagoners Land