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The Legendary Pink Dots - Apparition

Post Materialization Music

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Cult material from The Legendary Pink Dots, reissued via St. Petersburg's Post Materialization Music imprint, in edition of 75 cassettes -

LPD have been highly prolific ever since their first LP 'Chemical Playschool 1&2' dropped in 1980. A Uk Band that relocated to the Netherlands, their output has always maintained a high, and wholly creative standard whilst skirting playfully across pop arrangements & abstractionism in a very psychedelic, experimental and avant-garde mode.

Originally released in 1982, this cassette stretches across two 15min sides, and once you insert that tape, transportation begins....
It's like floating through ghost towns with joyful music still playing through the windows somewhere in the distance, or perhaps like taking a trip through unmanned fairgrounds on automatic function (on acid).
Although the mystery remains throughout, there is a constantly good and uplifting feeling that carries through, even amongst the blues of the jangled guitars or the subdued excitement and black-humoured sarcasm of Edward Ka-Spel, the singer... Even the scuzziest weirdest moments have a kind of spectacular, star-gazing-on-mushrooms kind of vibe to them.

...Basically, their stuff is intoxicating, and it's quite the high!

Edition of 75, with two-sided, two colour risoprint.

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