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The Maghreban - MT70 EP

Zoot Records

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Concept EP, made entirely using the Casio MT70 as source material -

The Casiotone keyboard series seems to be a bit of a theme with the latest few records we've had up here,
This release on Zoot Records is rather special too.
The Maghreban decided to go down the route of using limitation as a creative guide, and it's certainly worked - the palette and overall sound during the course of this 4 track excursion really solidifies the whole experience.

From the inimitable hi-hats and those booming kick drums that the in-built drum patterns provide, through to the heavily effected keyboard presets - The Maghreban has done a fine job in finding the middle ground between the familiarity of this piece of hardware and something far more estranged - A good degree of musicianship seems to have helped bring the best out of the machine, from the arpeggiated melodies through to the broken 4 x 4 variations, this certainly adheres to the techno rules, but it's on the edge of something else, not just sonically.

The first track on the B-side for example - MT705 - really takes the playful sound of the casio into something much more fierce, with distorted, reverbed chords burning away over a propulsive techno rhythm that could easily stand up next to something made on much more 'serious' and expensive hardware... This one has to be our favourite, it's moody and full of introvert movement, just how we like it.

With two lengthy tracks per side, this can definitely pass as an EP for home listening, but luckily it's cut nice and loud - so this one is equally effective left alone for it's run-time, or as a bit of a weapon in DJ Sets.

Definitely recommended for all casio and techno lovers!

Black card sleeve, printed centre labels.
Contains DL Code.