• The Marx Trukker - Jahreszwei

The Marx Trukker - Jahreszwei


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- Numbered Tapes, complete with fold-out poster and 12 different unique artwork labels -

Very intensely textured ambient tape by Berlin based artist Marx Trukker - with organic production values applied to make a soundscape that is as unnerving as it is calming and soothing...
Put together reverse-chronologically (starting with the track that was produced last), the A-side is more dark and dusty, like the looming of winter, with the leaves falling and days getting shorter, this side was produced at the beginning of autumn using an electric bass, an old Portastudio and loads of 'forbidden' recording-techniques, whilst the B-side produced was produced at the end of summer, using digital means but concentrating on the 'Dave Smith Evolver' synthesizer, the B side contrasts the A side just like the seasons of the year, shining brighter and lighter with an elevated, vivacious feel...

Limited to 75 Cassettes. Artwork by Alex Ketzer.

Losing Two

Sandy Facts

Green Fountain

Modern Dust