• The Mighty Diamonds / Trinity / Joe Gibbs - Hypocrite

The Mighty Diamonds / Trinity / Joe Gibbs - Hypocrite

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Classic -

Three (yes, you heard right - three tracks on a 7") essential cuts of 70's roots music.

By itself on the topside, find a dubplate cut of The Mighty Diamonds beautifully solemn 'Hypocrite' -

Top class backing, with Joe Gibbs and The Professionals in the studio.

Flip it, and you will find two further tracks -

Trinity's brilliant deejay cut 'John Saw Them Coming' (also available on his 'Three Piece Suit' LP) and an exceeding dub by Joe Gibbs to complete the disc.

Obviously it would be nice to have these all on a 12", but to be honest, they don't sound too shabby!

Top class music on 7".

treat yourself.

The Mighty Diamonds - Hypocrite (dubplate)

Trinity - John Saw Them Coming

Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Roots Kunta Kintye