• The Outsert - INOUT003

The Outsert - INOUT003

Intrasert Sound

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Stealthy, and very murky dancefloor / mood music ruffige in various modes, produced by The Outsert, served as the first piece of wax via 'Intrasert Sound' -

The first two go full stealth, entering alien soundworlds via aux signals and jack leads in signal flow explorations, cyberpunk dubwise style.

Then on the flip we find some hard-knocks slow motion breakbeat (stealth) rollers - equally haunting, and dangerous.
Both side culminate in uncompromisingly tekky, eyes-down gear that'll open gates into deep inner zones, but also is no doubt be great fun in the mix.
If you ask us - these are ideally played with the lights off, windows shut, soundsystem or hifi turned up to 10. But then again, who are we to tell you what to do?!

Either way - it's a great one. Dive in.

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