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Utterly dangerous dancehall leaning EP from the man like Redders on the big bad Critical Records.

Is it Dancehall? Is it Drum N Bass? the jury is still out, even after lengthy debate from all corners of the office- one thing there is unanimous agreement on though, it's a certified party starter.

Alongside Sam Binga, Bristol’s Redders has dropped a couple of bangers for Critical in the past, most notably that pink 10” ‘AYO’ a year or two ago and then featuring on his album. This time around its the mic mans turn up front and centre with this eponymous EP. Productions from Gorgon Sound, Moresounds and Ruffhouse amongst others all provide ruff beat backing for his playful vocal delivery.

Highlights come from the Gorgon prod. ’96 In one’, the utterly trippy ‘No Go’ by Binga and ‘Aphasia’ by Ruffhouse & Clarity.

Where the party at?

Redders & Gorgon Sound - 96 In One

Ruffhouse & Clarity - Aphasia (Redders & Sam Binga remix)

No Go - (prod. by Sam Binga & Hyroglifics)

Redders feat. MC DRS - Vintage (prod. by Sam Binga & Hyroglifics)