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The Rootsman - Intifada (Partial Records)

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Another wicked unearthing from Partial Records -

Adding to the ever-strong lineup, the legendary 'Rootsman' makes a welcome appearance on Partial Records... Having delivered some, perhaps in the run of time, overlooked yet fully effective steppers cuts during the 90's, as well as having collaborated on early dancehall material with 'The Bug', Rootsman should be in the books of all UK dub connoisseurs - a real heavy hitter.

On this 10", served in a stamped sleeve, we find two tracks from the vaults, circa 1995.
First up, 'Intifada' leads the way with an upbeat stepper, followed by it's subsequent dubwise version... complete with a storming bassline and headspinning fx.

Turn it around for a collaboration with Celtarabia, continuing the middle eastern theme that this 10" directs.
Very heavy soundsystem material, a serious piece of artillery in the record bag.


Intifada Dub

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