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The Shaolin Afronauts - Ojo Abameta

Freestyle Records

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Fresh afrobeat moves -

Filled with funk and jive, in the vein of Nigeria's 'Fela Kuti' and the prestigious 'Sun Ra' outfit, The Shaolin Afronaut's seek to uphold this form of African and Latin Jazz styles - and they do so with finesse.

Presented by the eclectic 'Freestyle Records', across this disc we find ourselves in the midst of their flow, tight and structured, but never far away from a bit of freeform movement within the arrangement, The Shaolin Afronauts put forward an ever so lively mix of skill and off-the-bounds creativity... From the title track Ojo Abameta through to the moody, silky last two cuts 'Interlude 1' and 'Interlude 2'  - possibly our favourites of this 12" - this 5 track record is filled with musical goodness.

This is headsy funk and jazz for those with a keen ear for outer-continental rhythm, a great disc!

Ojo Abameta

All Who Pass By

Feel It In Your Gut

Interlude 1 / To The Water (Interlude 2)