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The Skull Defekts - Street MEtal


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What a treat this is!

Cult Swedish crew The Skull Defekts follow up this years earlier release on Thrill Jockey with this HUGE ep on the totally un-faackable-withable Diagonal.

Make no mistake, this is some very trippy stuff, the cast of five members craft their unique brand of abrasive, looping minimalism using an array of guitars, synths, drums, both analog and digital, delays and abstract vocals.

While ‘Street Metal’ is badged as an EP this really is more of an album, the standout being the two middle tracks ‘Holy Drums Are Coming’ and the ‘Holy Drums Dub’ on the flip side. The first of these is a 10 minute tribal exploration of feedback and percussion, washed out guitar phrases bleed into each other before falling away to reveal the ever-present drumming. The Dub mix is a real treat, truly genre-defying stuff that comes in, again at around the 10 minute mark, a drum ritual teased expertly through aquatic delay and feedback, one of the finest examples of minimalism at work here.

the three other tracks on here, ‘Mission’, Mammal Combination’ and ’Saturday Mourning’ are deeply rooted in the finest DC post-punk traditions, wire wool guitars, feedback and semi abstract lyrics are just pure magic.

This one is a little different for sure but Diagonal places this Swedish post-punk-experimental-dub-techno-madness in a comfortable context for the more electronically inclined listener, one that digs Dischord or Downwards, The KVB or Bronze Teeth, Powell or Perry…

If you hand’t guessed, we’re quite fond of this one, do yourself and a huge favour and get involved!

Sleeve artwork by Guy Featherstone, a lavish combination of Pantone spot colours and varnishes, truly excellent stuff.


Holy Drums Are Singing

Holy Drums Dub

Saturday Mourning