• The Sound Of Cape Verde - O Son De Cabo Verde EP

The Sound Of Cape Verde - O Son De Cabo Verde EP


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Sofrito kicks of the 'Island Series' in it's full rhythmical glory -

Celebrating the dancefloor sounds of Cape Verde, from Funana and Coladeira rhythms to batuque percussion, injected with the sounds of Kudoro and Coupé Decalé.... this disc brings in all matters of musicianship for three ready-to-go dancefloor edits in fine Sofrito style.

On the A Side we can find Dionisio Maio's anthemic Corpim Sabe, extended to a healthy 12" mix by the Alma Negra collective, giving the original, a fresh lick of paint since it's first release back in the early 80's.

Turn the disc to unleash extra rhythm -
Full of percussion and thumping rhythm, Frankie Francis and Miles Cleret touch the controls to create a high-energy edit of the Santiago-based group Bulimundo.

Third up -
From the Island of Sao Vicente, Os Kings complete the EP 'with an ode to struggling youth'.
Guitar, voice and drums provide a healthy base for a track that is full of pace and will leave you with a smile on your face.

Sofrito coming through with the goods!

Hand-stamped picture sleeve.

Dionisio Maio - Corpim Sabe (Alma Negra Edit)

Bulimundo - Santo Antoni La Belem

Os Kings - Minino Na Tchora