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The Sprawl - EP1

Death Of Rave

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Sci-fi post tech-step mutations and unsettling sound design scores from Mumdance, Logos and Shapednoise under ‘The Sprawl' alias.

Ballard-indebted fiction sets are scored here with total precision. Tthe pile-driving constructs of ‘Drowning In Binary’ are cut clean in half by flickering chords of a distant utopia, while the brutish weight of ‘From Wetware To Software’ drop forges some rugged modular synthesis and pairs it with glassy synths straight from the Headz’ vaults.

On the flipside, ‘Haptik Feedback’ delivers foundation cracking Reese basses in true Terminator style, referencing the very finest sonics from UK underground culture and flipping them into something beyond current. Whilst Jungle is enjoying a bit of a renaissance at the moment, The Sprawl manage to push that futuristic promise that was made by the pioneers like Ed Rush & Optical beyond the confines of traditional dance floor comprehension, bringing in a new chapter of the hardcore continuum.

Here’s hoping that the title ‘EP1’ is a hint that there is more to follow.
Killer sleeve art by Dave Gaskarth.

Drowning In Binar

From Wetware To Software

Haptic Feedback

Personality Upload