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The Staches - Great Depression / Ur Still a Stranger 7"


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This is a good'un!

Stumbled across in the distro-list on our recent dig for that Chouk Bwa & Ångstromers tape & LP (along with some Azerbaijani guitar music, Bolivian-Belgian bits, and some Oum Kalthoum, no less) - and this 7" by geneva art punks The Staches had us hooked right from the very first listen.

We've had 'The Great Depression' on repeat now for some time - listening again and again and again - and it's an instant mood-lifter / smile&middle-finger raiser.
And did we mention?.... Very, very addictive.

The flip is rather really nice too you know... These kids know how to make a good hook!

Check check:

"The Great Depression, the latest release from Geneva art punks the Staches, fits a lot of action into an economical two tracks. The band has flirted with raucous garage rock primitivism on their past releases, but here they pare down their sound and go all in for minimal post-punk that nods to krautrock via mechanical riffs and the addition of ambient synths. It’s a good fit for a band who have grown to be formidable songwriters with musicianship to back up their genre-melding ideas. The title track is built on a stomping garage beat with a buzzy guitar line that’s almost prog-like in its construction. B-side “You Are Still a Stranger” is a deconstructed pop song with stream of consciousness lyrics that collapses into a cloudy, off-kilter chorus led by an echoing synth line and layered vocals."
The Staches are four kids from Geneva, Switzerland, who have been making music together since they were even younger and dumber than they are now (since 2009 to be precise). Since they started pretending to be adults, they’ve been recording a lot and touring Europe as well as the USA. Resembling a hermaphroditic, four-hemisphered brain, The Staches compose together using their solid punk, post-punk and garage influences; they’re not afraid to pour in some prog rock or psych either. Their lyrics are belted out in english, the riffs are bold and the beat incisive. A primitive impulse makes itself felt through their music, demanding to be heard.
For some obvious reasons, The Staches are now based in Leipzig, Germany. Their upcoming LP
« This Lake is Pointless » will be released in January 2019 on Les Disques Bongo Joe (CH), self- recorded at home in their beloved « Proberaum », late at night, when even the toughest metalheads next door are asleep.

Edition of 200 7"s,
comes with DL code.

Original songs by The Staches
Great Depression was recorded in September 2017 in der Proberaum, Leipzig, and mixed by The Staches & Emanuele ‘Nene’ Baratto at
Big Snuff Studio, Berlin.
Ur Still a Stranger was recorded in May 2018 in der Proberaum,
Leipzig, and mixed by Léo.
Both songs were mastered by Nene.
Artwork : Charlotte & Lise
Screen Print : Les Belges

The Great Depression

Ur Still A Stranger