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The Untouchables - Separate Reality EP

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The Untouchables and Resound join forces for a soundclash of gargantuan proportions on the Separate Reality EP. Known for their heavyweight tribal sound, the trio jump into action with title-track Separate Reality, a maelstrom of thumping kicks, distorted bass, and swirling atmospherics. Switching into more experimental territory, Mystic Arts is a hypnotic concoction of stumbling drums, flanged-bass, and eerie dubwise reverberations.

On the flip, The Untouchables resume the journey with Devourer of World, the sonic-equivalent of a black hole, ravenously consuming everything in its path with sub bass from deep space. The Beast is a behemoth of a track, opening with a subtle percussive rattle that drops with the force of a magnitude 10.0 earthquake to bring things to a close.

The Untouchables & Resound - Separate Reality

The Untouchables & Resound - Mystic Arts

The Untouchables - Devourer of World

The Untouchables - The Beast