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Theo Parrish - 71st And Exchange Used To Be...

The Trilogy Tapes

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The rumours are true -

Detroit's Theo Parrish and his seminal 'Sound Signature' imprint have joined forces with London's skateboard brand 'Palace' to issue this extraordinary 12" via Will Bankheads impeccable 'The Trilogy Tapes' label... SSTTTPLC 1  is the catalogue number.

Really, this record needs no further description, with a legendary name such as Theo Parrish behind the sound you can be assured that a certain quality lies within these tracks. Theo Parrish is an originator within his field, someone who blends the aesthetics of jazz music with the essence of house music, with ease, without dilution.

A great looking, and great sounding record.

Sublime stuff.

71st & Exchange Used To Be..

Petey Wheetfeet

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