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Tiger - Rap Pon Rydim

Dug Out

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A few copies back in stock, for those that have been sleeping.

Ruffer than ruff, Dancehall pressure from Kingston's wildest export 'Tiger' unleashes his maddest, outright rudest track on this gem from back in the day.

Gritty and direct, filled with attitude, almost punk-esque, the whole thing comes off with pure ease and simplicity, deadly and effective.

A straight up riddim bashed out on a Roland-909 (possibly by Tiger himself?) and a vocal that comes off like a warning to any soundbwoy who try test.

This is music for people who aren't afraid to face a bit off attitude, probably not to everyones liking, but that's why it's so damn good.

Raw and undiluted dancehall, no doubt, yet it can stand up alongside an early 90's techno track due to it's machine driven rhythmic simplicity.

Originally a 7" on 'Paradise' released in 1988, this one has been just below radar for some years now, a collectors item that would ruff up the dance in any situation... serious reissue moves by the 'Dug Out' imprint.

Rap Pon Rydim