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Tim Love Lee's Peace Feast Industries label seems to be enjoying something of a creative rebirth recently; active since 1994, it was lifted out of decade long dormancy last year with that Sotofett collaboration the obvious highlight.

Early presses of Standard Jazz saw the light of day very late in 2014, and now it's been granted an official release and both cuts offer a reminder of the Love man's rich sense of musicianship and skill in form and arrangement.

Standard Jazz is an intense flurry of filtered percussion loops, latin-derived rhythms and masterful synth work - for fans of Sex Tags and all-out retro weirdness - peak time energy runs through sun-kissed veins, properly gorgeous this one.

Wenzenwoznow puts the percussion on the shelf and sees Lee focus on a sweet, lullaby-esque plucked synth concerto - wonderful stuff and hazily reminiscent of Four Tet in phrasing and melodic outline in his "Folktronica" phase - a real gem to finish off this lovely 2 tracker.

Standard Jazz