• Tina Hitchens - Right Into The River
  • Tina Hitchens - Right Into The River

Tina Hitchens - Right Into The River

TBC Editions

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In the shape of this Viridian Ensemble's very own Tina Hitchens debut solo tape, we have another piece of goodness from the tangle of good stuff that's coming from the local Brunswick Club's collective TBC Editions label, and of which we've grabbed a few handfuls of whatever-we-could-get-our-hands on, for you here.

"Right Into the River is Tina Hitchens’ first solo release.
Improvised and recorded over two days in February 2021, it represents a pining for the sea and for space, and an urge to use melody to articulate the inner.

At the edges of sound, it explores breath and texture, melding flute with electronics and effects, sometimes layered up and morphed into alien pipes. Other tracks are more transparent; clear flute invocations of the wider world.

Tina's work spans multiple genres through free improvisation, sound art, and composition. Her work explores the borders of sound, the rhythms of our bodies in sound and our connection through sound. In addition to solo work, she performs widely with improvising groups including Viridian Ensemble, Harpoon and Halftone. "

The 8th release on TBC, this cassette features 30minutes of sprawling sound & song across 9 tracks, served in limited edition DIY print foldout cover + DL code.

All tracks improvised and produced by Tina Hitchens.
Words on A Shrouded Memory Anyhow by Sam Francis.

1. All Any of Us Wants 02:19
2. Shadow Speed 06:52
3. Sheets of Light Grey 02:36
4. A Shrouded Memory Anyhow 03:36
5. The Watcher 04:16
6. Webbed 02:24
7. Winter Stand 03:00
8. That Orange, Orange Sun 03:34
9. Your Brave Questing 04:20



Sheets of Light Grey

A Shrouded Memory Anyhow


That Orange, Orange Sun