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Tlön - Truth In The 13th

Birkhouse Recordings

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45mins of sound sculpture and sonic intensity from experimental outift 'Tlön' (S. Chalmers &  L. McConaghy)

Defunct sounds are used and abused into a mass of drone, alarming and alert, a direct assault at the senses, counteracted by moments of tranquility, a refreshing cleansing of the membrane.

For fans of Pink Playground and Shoegaze revival... at parts coming off like an electronic nod to the more restrained parts of an 'Altar Of Plagues' set, this cassette comes in waves, like a deep breath before everything tumbles down and the rocks shatter into the bay, with the arrival of darkness calming the ocean into a sea of tranquility... at least until daybreak.

Visually taking a new direction, Birkhouse seem to be making a clear move towards the collectible and aesthetically pleasing pieces of tape.

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Hand assembled printed card sleeve.
Double sided colour insert.
Hidden track on side B.
- Artwork/cover photography by Harry Furniss

includes mp3 dl code.

1.Crepuscular 09:46
2.In Accordance With Divine Laws 05:35
3.The Secret Portal 10:45
4.Obelisk 02:27
5.Truth In The 13th 11:11
6.Ancient Ruins 05:03

In Accordance With Divine Laws

The Secret Portal

Truth In The 13th

Ancient Ruins