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TNT Roots - Chant Down Babylon Verse II / John T. Gast Version


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Gargantuan bassline murder from the original dubplate-don TNT Roots, backed with a criss version excursion from the one John T. Gast -

Not much needs to be said about this really... If you're a steppers head, then you know what this is - ruff & tuff, thunderous dub in it's mightiest form - stripped down to the core, redline bassline business.
TNT Roots releases on vinyl are a rarity, he is no stranger to the UK soundsystem scene though, with some of the most fierce and in-demand TNT dubplates being played by the likes of Shaka & Aba over the last decades.

Chant Down Babylon Verse II lies on the topside of this heavyweight 7" disc, and beneath we have a re-tuned John T. Gast version, which brings in some of his trademark rhythms and blue pads, for a subtle and respectful, yet unique re-working of the original cut.

Don't choose a favourite, just play both sides and let it do the work.

Place this on the shelf under 'soundsystem head-to-heads' alongside that Bush Chemists vs Bad Tracking & SKRS 12" from Bokeh Versions.

Unbelievably tough stuff, and a wholly unexpected, but great combination -
Shouts to TNT & Gast for this piece.

A real gem - and we don't expect it to sit around for too long, for that reason -

TNT Roots - Chant Down Babylon Verse II

John T Gast Version